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Under the guidance of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has launched an international tourism promotional campaign in order to increase awareness of destination Sri Lanka in countries around the world. As part of this campaign, 1,200 taxis will be branded featuring key tourism attractions of Sri Lanka in major destinations around the world, including UK, France, Germany, Korea and Japan. Accordingly, Sri Lanka Tourism has branded and launched 450 taxis in three of the UK’s biggest cities – Manchester, Birmingham and London – recently. The first fleets of 300 taxis of this campaign were launched on 4 August in London. The tagline ‘Sri Lanka – A Journey Awaits’ will promote the key tourism attractions of Sri Lanka on taxis with a massive fleet of cabs in each city displaying taxi super sides, back seat covers and taxi receipts with stunning visual imagery of Sri Lanka’s prominent tourism attractions. The campaign will run for a total of 12 weeks in the UK. 


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